Coldplay’s “Paradise” Remix

Here’s a remix and a guitar part that I especially like.  The guitar part follows a similar patterns in recent guitar parts for house music.  First of all, check out the video, which was shot this past summer at the Angel Baby Club of the Hua Qiang Bei neighborhood of Shenzhen – quite a wild and fun place to visit:

Now, the video only shows a short cross section of the song, but covers the big parts.  I created some notation and added labels to it demonstrating three fun parts and explaining each:

  1. The first one, at the top left with the big “1” label and a little arrow is the one measure section of syncopated octaves.  I use octaves over and over in house music.  Why?  Well, tonal, they’re very clear and keep the thickness out of the sound, which lends itself to better guitar blending with the music, at least in my opinion.  This section can be a little trick with the guitar pickin’:  each octave either includes a string skip, a position shift, or both!
  2. Here’s a string-skipping pentatonic lick inspired by the stylins of guitarist Paul Gilbert.  Although, this one, despite being fast, is much easier that your typical Paul Gilbert lick.  I like using these sorts of pentatonic licks in house music as well, not because they’re supposedly bluesy, but rather because, like octaves, they lend themselves to better blending harmonically with very tight music.
  3. This melody could have been just the straight notes, but why not add some more personality to it?  I thought I’d take a few nods from a Polanaise by Wieniawski and throw in, what else?, more octaves!  That plus some quick runs as well before each every other measure (although in the video, I hold off on the second run until later in the song).
Here’s the snipped of the notation:

And here’s the Wieniawski Polonaise snippet showing the inspiration:

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