Hang with MeThis is my favorite opener: Robyn's "Hang with Me". I really like the tune and the guitar part. I've made the pdf of the notation available to anyone interested.

Performance in Chengdu, ChinaWe rocked Chengdu with this remix of a tune called "Army of Love" by Estonian national Kerli. The guitar part is pretty fun. I dig the arpeggios.

Mugwanti Live - on guitarWe made a surprise visit to Cowboy Bar in the Da Fen neighborhood of Shenzhen. Despite the relatively small crowd, we had a good time. We finally made a video of Mugwanti live. Very interesting tune on guitar!

Revolution RemixHere's the details on the song we played at the FlipFlops Carnival in Kuching. Music included!

Performance at Paraty Club in ShenzhenWe had a fun time at the Paraty Club outside of Shenzhen, China.

Performance in Kuching, MalaysiaWe performed a couple of really fun shows in barZ!ing in Kuching, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo.

Performance in Xiamen, ChinaWe were in Xiamen just overnight, but landed in the morning and took off the following day in the afternoon. In between we squeezed in a lot of activities, in addition to the show.

Performance in Hainan, China“Outside My Window” was the first tune that DJ Davide Succi and I worked on. We performed it for the very first time in front of a couple thousand people – on the beach in Haikou, China, on the island of Hainan in the South China Sea.



Welcome to the homepage of guitarist, Theron Welch. A songwriter and shredder, Theron has been enthusiastically playing the guitar for twenty years. He has penned over two hundred songs, written music for film and events, and has three world premiere recordings of transcribed violin concertos. Theron is also the founder of ShredTheClassics.com, a site dedicated to exposing the fascinating world of technical guitar playing through the study of the Romantic violin repertoire. Recently, Theron has teamed up with DJ Davide Succi to explore the possibilities between guitar and DJ.